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Family-run company funded with European capital

Our company is family-run and funded with European capital.

The capital of our company is held exclusively by family members. Capital from pension funds, banks or multinationals does not exist.

There are no shareholders demanding that we sacrifice our values for profitability and no reliance on the New York or Dubaï stock-exchange !

We don’t belong to a holding company based in the Bahamas. We pay, in full, the taxes required in the European Union. We do not profit from tax loopholes to avoid financing common interests.

We are a responsible and committed company with long-term vision and high ethical standards.

We are not afraid of admitting it and reject the wide-spread cynicism of the modern world where only money rules.

That is of the past. We are already in the future where economic activity should serve the common good.

Our company is managed as parents would do, who care about the well-being and future of their loved-ones. We consider it our duty to be involved socially in society by offering a job and a career to people who are proud to join us in striving for a more eco-friendly world.

We offer our team long-term contracts, just like our commitment to developing a better world.

entreprise familiale

By working with Bio Ingredients:

  • you are allowing young graduates to do exciting work without having to move to the capital or abroad
  • you are investing (via your purchases) in a company that is financing European common interests, without profits going to other continents
  • you are contributing to a world which respects people and nature
respect de la nature