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Aromatic Herbs to Purify Indoor Air
Sunday January 11th, 2015

It was in the seventies when the energy crisis started off. It was also then that, designs and constructions of houses shifted from open windows to an ‘energy efficient’ close living environment. And these poorly ventilated houses, then resulted in a lot of serious cases of indoor air pollution.

Modern and energy efficient homes as they termed it gave rise to the development of volatile organic compounds. This carbon-based chemicals can easily evaporate at room temperature and are trapped inside houses, thereby exposing us to the risk of inhaling toxic chemicals. It has been noted in the past several years that considerable amount of carcinogenic materials has been detected inside confined modern houses.

Carcinogenic chemical like Trichloroethylene are used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, lacquers, and adhesive. These are the same materials used in the construction of todays’ houses. And together with multitudes of household cleaning products, pesticides and air fresheners that also contains hazardous contaminant, we expose ourselves to a number of sickness like cancer.

Lucky for us, we can eliminate or at least reduce significantly the effects of indoor pollutions. And all thanks to Mother Nature who provided us with natural air purifier that are not only effective and safe but are also inexpensive. Here are some aromatic herbs that can help absorb indoor pollution and keeping your room smelling fresh and clean.


One of the best aromatic herb to grow and maintain indoor. It gives out a strong refreshing aroma and well suited for people with lung condition by naturally helping them to breathe easier. Mint is unbelievably easy to grow, but can be very invasive and can actually smother other plants surrounding it. Best to start from cutting and placing it in a glass of water until it sprouts roots.


Aside from just being a kitchen staple, this incredibly useful herb is well known for protecting the brain from free radicals and improving its cognitive function. This herb breathes in carbon dioxide and releases fresh oxygen as it exhale. Rosemary can be started from cutting and once transplanted, extra care should be taken when watering. Overwatering and under watering can both be lethal to the plant.


Ok, we all love this herb that goes great with our favorite Italian dishes, but there’s more to just giving awesome tastes, it is also very effective in reducing carbon dioxide inside our home. By discharging negative ions, it can easily purify the air. A variety called Holy Basil is said to be capable of getting rid of bacteria and other foreign matters that can cause diseases. Another easy herb to grow that can be started from cutting and allowing it to grow its root in a glass of water before transplanting in a pot.

It’s not only outside where air pollution can happen. We may be harboring more toxic substances inside our home and growing herbs and other plants indoors can prove to be very helpful for us.

Have fun gardening!