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Bio ingredients is a human-scale, family-run business founded by Messrs Fernez father & sons. Our international experience in organic food has been acquired over the last 20 years acting as traders in this field.
We have constituted a solid network of suppliers and long term partners located in many parts of the world and particularly in Eastern Europe, Central America and the Far East. Our office in Dalian, China, provides an excellent representation in China, allowing local audits and self made quality controls before the loading of containers on vessels.
Quality control by our own means is a key factor in ensuring food security to customers. We personally audit production units and we constantly travel the world searching for the best organic food ingredients.
All our ingredients are certified according to European regulation 834/2007 and full traceability is guaranteed.
We supply healthy food respecting both the people who consume it as well as the natural environment in which it is produced.


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Founder of the company.

With more than 20 years of experience in the trade of organic food ingredients, Alexandre is head of the sales department and quality department.

Co-founder of the company.

Jean-Luc has more than 50 years of experience in managing companies, including 20 years in the organic sector. He is head of the financial department.

Co-founder of the company.

Florence is meticulous and precise, she naturally became our quality manager. She is also interdepartmental coordinator.


Claire is in charge of the import department.

Joanne is in charge of sales and contract management.

Computer engineer, Mathieu manages the financial department.

Recently graduated, Harmonie administers sales and transport.

Recently graduated, Elorie administers sales and transport.


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What's happen in the organic world ?

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Thursday August 10th, 2017

Les producteurs aveyronnais s’estiment floués depuis l’annonce de la baisse rétroactive des aides à la conversion en bio. Ils craignent que cela freine le développement de cette agriculture soucieuse de l’environnement. L’Association pour la promotion de l’agriculture biologique en Aveyron (Apaba) et les producteurs bios sont en alerte depuis le 27 juillet. Date du communiqué […]

Son ministère a discrètement mis en ligne les noms de 600 pesticides et de 1 000 biocides susceptibles de contenir les substances problématiques. Une action de « transparence ». Voilà la raison invoquée par le ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire pour publier deux listes de « produits pesticides contenant une substance identifiée comme perturbateur endocrinien ». Ces longs tableaux ont été mis en ligne […]

Le commerce alimentaire à la merci de graves perturbations
Thursday July 20th, 2017

L’acheminement des produits repose sur quelques points de passage de plus en plus exposés à des dysfonctionnements. Une menace pour la sécurité alimentaire mondiale. Qu’ont en commun le canal de Panama et le détroit de Malacca ? Nulle part ailleurs, les céréales acheminées à travers le monde ne passent à une telle cadence. Car ces […]

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Worm castings can very well be the best fertilizer in the world. They can be used in gardens, potted plants and lawns. Worm castings are extremely rich in beneficial microbes and do wonders in the garden. Plus, worms themselves do a lot to help maintain soil health simply by living in it! The leaves in […]

Health and Other Benefits You Can Get From Gardening
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It was in the seventies when the energy crisis started off. It was also then that, designs and constructions of houses shifted from open windows to an ‘energy efficient’ close living environment. And these poorly ventilated houses, then resulted in a lot of serious cases of indoor air pollution. Modern and energy efficient homes as […]

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